Monday, June 14, 2010


This picture shows how I feel about this class because the moon is indifferent of what we do it keeps doing what it's doing no matter what we do. I didn't care what we did in this class I just kept doing what I was doing and got through the year because I am very indifferent of what goes on around me.

poetry friday rocks

Poetry Friday was one of my favorite things we did this year. I like it because it challenged my creativity. And not only that but we did some pretty cool things with poems like our Speak video and the song we made for Romeo and Juliet. It taught me that poetry isn't as bad as I thought it was and is fun. And that is why I think poetry Friday rocks.

my thought's on english 9 this year.

I have realized from this year that I like poetry and I have started righting it for a hobby. Before this year I use to hate poetry. I have also realized that i don't like blogging to much and will probably stop after this year. So for this year I'm taking away that I like poetry and I think blogging Sucks!!!!!

Need book review.

Need by Carrie Jones.
The plot is that a girl named Zara was sent to Maine after her stepfather has died. She When she gets there she realizes this man is following her. And the longer shes stays hear the more she finds out this is no ordinary town.

The major conflict is she has to fight against her pixie stalker. Which is her father as she finds out later in the book.

I love how it put's pixies and the were clans together. I hate how slow Zara can be.

If you like Twilight or Fallen then you will like this book. It's a 320 page book. And each chapter's title is a phobia name.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

romeo and juliet reflection

I chose this picture for Romeo because to me it shows how Romeo and Juliet are divided by there parents. And they could be together if they just go around there parents. All they have to do is act on they heart and they can be together. That is why I chose this one for romeo.

I chose this picture for Juliet because it reminds me how Juliet is trapped.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Torture and Punishment

Torture and punishment during elizabethan times

In elizabethan times torture was a normal everyday thing. Torture has been used for at least 2,000 years. When Queen Elizabeth had the throne torture was used more than in any time in history. Treason was considered the worst crime, lords and high officials were exempt and women almost never got tortured. The Punishments for crimes differ, like for poisoning you got boiled alive. And for adultery women get put in the dunking chair and are repeatedly dunked until dead. And some minor cruelties include the pillory, the stocks, and the ranks.

Monday, March 22, 2010

picture story

Who:he is Tiberius. he is 35
When:summer. on his way to his next job. Just trying to survive.
Where: Walking down dirt road in California to next farm.
What:He is trying to get to the farm so he can rest. I hope I can eat when I get there.
How: It is the only way to get money. save up money to get farm.
Why:He doesn’t want to die before he has a family. To get a house for a family.