Monday, December 7, 2009

Eragon review

by Christopher Paolini

The plot is about a boy who finds a dragon egg. The dragon hatches and changes his
life forever. He is the last Dragon Rider and must learn magic and swordsmanship to survive and escape before the evil king finds him. He constantly is fighting enemies far stronger then him but that doesn't stop him. He fight urgals,kills a shade,rescues an elf and saves the dwarf's capital. The adventure doesn't really start till Eragon's uncle was murdered by the ra'zac the natural enemy of human's.

The conflict in the story is Eragon vs Galbatorix.

I like how Saphira and Eragon share a mental link. I also like how she is a main character and gives advise to Eragon.

If you like dragons,magic, and adventure then check out this book.

But remember it is almost 500 pages long.

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